Pace Magazine Says “Barry Klarberg’s Got Game”

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As you may already be aware of, or will find out as I continue to post, I am immensely proud to be a member of the Pace University community. I recently wrote about how honored I was to speak at the commencement for the class of 2015. Since earning both of my degrees in the ‘80s at Pace, I’ve always felt compelled to give back to the institution that gave me so much. Be it serving as an Adjunct Professor, Executive in Residence and/or a Lecturer in Residence, it is important to educate the young members of the Pace community just like I received at their age.

Thankfully, I can say my life and career have been happy and successful, and a large part of that is owed to Pace. That’s why I was once again honored by my alma mater with a feature in Pace Magazine. With a title like Barry Klarberg’s Got Game I couldn’t help but smile. The article’s author, Caitlin Ultimo, did an excellent job giving the readers a glance into my life and career.

While I’m not always one to talk about my clients and who I do business with, I loved how the article profiled how passionate many of them are about philanthropies. Just like myself, these athletes and personalities love to help those in need. While my life has been a memorable journey for me, countless others continue to need our help. That’s why my family, many of the people I do business with and I strive to help others as much as possible. Whether it be through the organizations I support–and will be blogging about in the near future–or a cause near to your own, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to donate your time whenever possible.

Additionally so, the article touched on my early entry to Pace at 15. As a first generation college student, life in higher education could have been an incredibly overwhelming experience. However, I made it through with the help of a great support system at school and home. I learned about hard work from people like my parents in Rockaway, Queens. No matter the workload, my father persevered at his job as a beer delivery man–instilling in me the importance of hard work and determination.

And just like how Caitlin’s article ends, I always recall on my favorite Pace moment when I received my acceptance letter. While some may have justifiably lost their minds, all I could think was, “Oh, wow. My acceptance letter.” As subdued as that may have seemed, even then I believe I knew how big this was going to change my life.

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